What is Divas Stage Tour?

 An all-female entertainers promotional tour that will be featuring those who are willing to cover more grounds and make names for themselves. The aim of the tour is to show that the girls alone can hold a stage and that not just by favour, but by merit, they have what it takes to hold a stage from the beginning to the end.

With the female artistes seeing less of the spotlight in this region because the males are the main scramblers at the top spots, it will then be easy to have the entire stage being dedicated to female performances with the males and other females cheering at the spectators’ end.

Female singers, rappers, comedians, dancers and DJs from will thrill the stages of various event outlets that will be hosting the event and where ever the tour lands, artistes from that vicinity will be incorporated in the list to make the local fans feel at home.

Like the name, DIVAS STAGE TOUR is about the promotion of female talents and ensuring that they take their rightful place in the industry by merit. Hence our slogan, …girls do it all.


It will feature female musicians, dancers, comedians and DJs, comperes and others who are eager to get on a huge platform, but cannot because of the male dominance and fear of being taken advantage of. With male dominance, sexual harassment, limited platforms, lack of funds and other constraints handing most of our female artistes premature retirement in the entertainment industry, DIVAS STAGE TOUR, will be their stage, voice, power and spot they can show everyone how good they are without much pressure.

Being a tour, DIVAS STAGE TOUR will take the girls from state to state especially around South-East to showcase their talent on a stage that will be made big with our wonderful publicity strategy. By the time they have gone round these states we believe the girls will be moving to the next level and with the kind of success story that will inspire other younger females to venture into tough arrears like stand-up comedy and Disk Jockeying.

DIVAS STAGE TOUR will not only entertain people, it will also give hope to female entertainers, keeping them busy enough to be off the street. With our slogan, ‘girls do it all’, we will have only the girls getting on stage and this will not just be to provide an amateur performance but a scintillating  that will also say, ‘Girls do it well’.

To provide a platform that will nurture and bring the talents of more female artistes to limelight  

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