DIVAS STAGE TOUR is an entertainment cause that will drive more people to your establishment to see the girls and more people means more customers and more sales.

The publicity it carries puts your spot at the map and sticks it to the minds of people as a very credible relaxation and hangout spot in the city.  The basic benefits for your establishment are the sales and publicity/credibility it would be gaining during the buildup and after the event.

To host DIVAS STAGE TOUR, we expect you to provide the following, while the team handles the rest.

a.    Provision of at least two flex banners to be hung in strategic locations in the city.
b.    Radio Jingles and TV announcements
c.    Social Media adverts on Facebook and Instagram
d.    Production of awareness comedy video skit.
DIVAS STAGE TOUR will handle online publicities.

a.    Having Pot of Africa TV as partners makes it cheaper, but the host will help us offset the bills

Provide transportation for the girls after event or a general accommodation where they all can be headed to after the event.

Provision of food and drink for the girls after their performance, especially if they will be accommodated through the night.

The host will provide a special sitting spot for the artistes and the crew and will also provide direct access to the host’s DJ or equipment to enable our in-house DJ function well.

a.    Divas Stage Tour Mixtape

We are looking for individuals or groups who can help us produce a mixtape that will carry only songs by the girls involved in the tour. The mixtape will be shared in every location the tour moves to. 1000 copies of the mixtape will cost N

ii. Tour T-Shirts
We also need people who help us provide a tour uniform in the form of T-Shirts for the ladies and team members. This will help us add more colour to the event.

iii. TV Time
While working with Pot of Africa TV to make video documentary off all the activities of the tour, and hoping to have it as TV content, we seek good spirited individuals and corporate bodies who can also help us pay for this airtime on both satellite and terrestrial TV stations.
15 Minutes on Orient TV
On Satellite TV

Sponsorship Benefits
I.    Listed on the tour’s official website as sponsor/partner
II.    To be listed on the mixtape jacket
III.    Mentioned as sponsor/partner at the end of the mixtape.
IV.    Company logo or name to appear on all promotional tour videos as well as comedy skits
V.    Company logo to be appear on red-carpet backdrop.
VI.    One news headline to be posted on blogs around and beyond the country as well as the tour’s official website
VII.    To be listed on all posters, fliers and banners of the event.
VIII.    Depending on the sponsorship, may be listed on radio jingles.
IX.    Advert banner slots on the tour’s official website.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 08038704454,  08136723796

Please Note that hosting the tour does not mean you must meet all the listed conditions.

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